Elden Ring’s Style of Storytelling Will Mimic That of Dark Souls

When it comes to its acclaimed Dark Souls franchise, FromSoftware refuses to spoon feed the narrative to players. Those who want to know about the world, its lore, and its characters must discover it for themselves. This kind of experience is made possible courtesy of FromSoftware’s penchant for environmental storytelling. Interestingly, fans who pick up Elden Ring, whenever it launches, should anticipate a similar sort of narrative.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki addressed how FromSoftware is approaching storytelling in Elden Ring in a recent interview with IGN. Since fantasy author George R.R. Martin and the studio are collaborating on the title, a few things are abound to be different in comparison to what fans typically see in FromSoftware games. Yet, Miyazaki told IGN Elden Ring’s narrative will mimic how Dark Souls‘ story is told. Expect to scour the world for items and subtle hints, which offer often vague details that are contingent upon the player’s ability to piece them together.

Because Elden Ring represents the studio’s “biggest title yet in terms of sheer volume,” according to Miyazaki’s statement in another interview, exploration will be far more extensive than it’s ever been in a Dark Souls entry. As such, the studio will be able to delve even deeper into story with Elden Ring.

With input from George R. R. Martin, who wrote the title’s mythos, Elden Ring’s narrative will likely play out in a manner that wildly differs from anything FromSoftware has developed in the past. Unfortunately, for now, the details that many are so desperately craving to see unveiled remain under wraps. When the studio and publisher Bandai Namco intend to release more information about Elden Ring is also being kept secret.

Thanks to an E3 2019 reveal trailer, we finally got a look at FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. At present, the new game still lacks an official release date.

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